What You Can Do

1.  Join a group that is working to protect the rights of hunters, farmers, dog breeders and animal ownership.

2.  Stand up for your rights and take action by boycotting businesses, actors, actresses, television personalities or any other groups or persons that support the animal rights agenda.  Write to them and let them know you are boycotting them and why.

3.  Write letters to your senators and representatives to support the efforts of others fighting in your area and across the country. 

4.  Become involved in local city, county and state government to keep track of potentially harmful legislation.

5.  Provide support for as many groups fighting for your rights of animal ownership as possible. 

6.  Understand the issues. 

Some of the American Youth get it

7.  Teach the youth.  Expose them to hunting, fishing, and animal agriculture.  If the only voice speaking is that of animal rights, it will be the only voice heard.