If animal activists have their way using the vehicle of mandatory spay and neuter, they will eliminate dogs, and dog breeds from the fabric of our lives. 

Already they have stated that the vilification of breeders is part of their agenda. "Do not breed or buy while others die"  "We wish to make breeding....like drunk driving or smoking"

With mandatory spay & neuter, the gene pools will be so depleted that different breeds will be compromised.  Even while fighting and over turning these laws generations of breeding animals will age and be unable to contribute their goodness to human kind. 

Animal rights persons world wide are working to destroy the rights of farmers, hunters, pet owners, breeders and anyone that uses or enjoys animals. 

They do not wish to see dogs used for search and rescue, for police work, for service to the blind, for companions in our homes.  It is not "the other guy" that is at risk, if you love your animals, it is you.   
The New Endangered Species