Take a look at these top-notch restaurants in Parker. I’ve already covered many of the best dining establishments in the area, so these aren’t in the top 10. Yet they are great dining establishments that you might want to try. I am going to lead off with a place that serves up chicken strips that look quite delicious. The names of the Parker restaurant is Takoda Tavern.

Takoda Tavern is located at 12311 Pine Bluffs Way, and it is a great place to enjoy happy hour according to reviews. I mentioned chicken strips already, and people also have great things to say about the burgers and the beer. Reviews mention that it’s a friendly place to hang out and enjoy food and fun. If Takoda Tavern sounds like that type of place to you, then relax with your family or friends and enjoy some burgers, brews and more.

New Dynasty is a Chinese restaurant located on Keystone Boulevard. It’s a popular spot for takeout. Sometimes you want to eat in a sit down restaurant of course, and sometimes you just want takeout. I have a popular Chinese takeout place right up the street from me, and I visit it all the time. People say that New Dynasty is a very clean restaurant, and it features a nice atmosphere. The orange chicken is a popular menu item there.

What about a place to stop by for a snow cone or shaved ice? That place would be Mauna Snoa Shave Ice when you’re in Parker CO. Mauna Snoa Shave ICe is in a wagon that is located on South Parker Road. It would be a nice place to hit up for a treat in general or to stop by for dessert after a meal. There are plenty of great restaurants on the same road. Is it time for some shaved ice?

The Chicken Shack is actually a fast food restaurant, but it sounds like such a great place to visit. I bet the chicken is really good there. You will find The Chicken Shack located at 11211 Dransfeldt Road.

That’s the last round of Parker CO restaurants for now. That pretty much covers the best places to eat, and now you can pick a place to enjoy a meal. Is The Chicken Shack the place that sounds like fun to you? They all sound great, and of course you can’t forget to check out the snow cone place.